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  • How To Calculate Property Taxes

    One of the biggest myths when purchasing a home is assuming you will pay the same taxes as the current…

  • East Hills – Cherry Hill – Neighborhood

    East Hills Located in the SE side of Grand Rapids between Eastown & Heritage Hill Vibrant neighborhood Diverse demographics Historic…

  • FSBO vs Hiring an Agent

    Why should you hire an agent when selling your home in such a hot market? Listen to Go Jodi Smith, Erin Cerling…

  • How Do We Value Real Estate?

    How accurate are Zillow Zestimates, appraisals, property tax assessments???

  • Breaking News: Wire Transfer Frauds Could Cost You Thousands of Dollars!

    GR Home Team Clients & Friends – NEVER discuss or send wire info via email to anyone. If you plan to wire…

  • Happy Valentine’s Day!

    Happy Valentine’s Day <3 If you need some last minute idea’s for Valentine’s Day, listen to Liz, Amy & Erin…

  • Is It Really Better To List Your Home In The Spring?

    Listen to Amy Marin Nagel & Erin Cerling Fester as they touch on the #1 asked question right now… “IS IT REALLY BETTER TO…


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