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  • Most Wanted

    Forest Hills neighborhood : $200K-$500K East Grand Rapids : $300K-700K Condo : $100K-$300K

  • Why we LOVE our “job”!!

    Our office received this very sweet note from a recent past client today. The GR Home Team was an outstanding group of women to work with when selling…

  • What Buyers Want in Homes Today

    Buyers have a long list of what they want when home shopping, but one of their biggest desires: A good deal. “And no matter where a seller prices…

    by Erin Fester
  • Claiming the Home Buyer Tax Credits

    The IRS recently published guidelines for what is required in order to claim the First Time Homebuyer or Repeat Homebuyer Tax Credits. For both credits, you will need…

    by Erin Fester
  • 8 Quick Fixes to Increase Value

    With buyers scarcer, sellers must up the ante to convince them that their property offers what many want most — top value for dollar expended. Here are eight…

    by Erin Fester
  • How to Increase Your Home’s Value

    Buff up curb appeal. You’ve heard it before, but it’s critical to get buyers to want to look on the inside. Be objective. View listings from the street.…

    by Erin Fester

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