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Stephanie Chun

Stephanie Chun

Client Care & Marketing Manager

Born in Philadelphia, my family moved to Japan when I was 2 years old. I grew up there for 16 years of my life and went to an International School. I came back to the States to attend Calvin College in 2008 and have been in Grand Rapids ever since. Grand Rapids has definitely become home to me! I love what the city has to offer and watching it continuously evolve! I enjoy being involved in the community, attending events, and dining at local restaurants. In addition, I love to travel! J

I joined the GR Home Team summer of 2014 as the Client Care & Marketing Manager. What I love about my role is that I get to interact directly with clients to ensure that they feel well taken care of, receive timely and effective communication, and to make sure their transactions go as smooth as possible. I have met so many cool people and have had the privilege to work with amazing clients.

The other side of my job is to support each of our agents and to assist them accordingly. I work with such a genuine and hardworking team, I couldn’t have asked for better individuals to support!

I love that there is always something new in Real Estate. No transaction is the same, every client is different, and the market is constantly changing. There is never a dull moment in Real Estate!

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